New Showreel!

Hi Gang,

I’ve setup a presentations page with my new Showreel, resume and so on:

My new Rigging Reel

My new Rigging Reel

Do Check it out.. You know you want to! :-)

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Awesome book for the “Coding TD”

Just wanted to plug an excellent book I’m… Wait! Not even done reading?? That’s right, it’s that good – for me at least.

You know I often feel like I’m “hacking my way” thorugh some of the more computery, code and math related sides to being a character TD, wishing I could dedicate a whole decade to just getting to the bottom of some topic. And I see a lot of people around me “hacking their way” as well. Of course we all have different backgrounds and holes in them too. Alas, so little time so much to learn :-)

While I have read my share of books on the topic of coding, MEL, Python, Object Oriented Design etc. and those books have taught me a lot, a “certified” coder from my last gig recommended “Code Complete 2″. It’s about the discipline of “Code Construction” and is language independent. This book is om some respects a real eye opener and tells basic stuff you know you really need to understand, but in a way that makes you wonder – “why you didn’t figure that out by yourself already”. Another thing is this if you have several people working on the same code base this book can serve as a common guide or at least common point of reference, to figure out how you want to work.

Of course it might not be your cup of tea.. or I might just have exposed myself as an insane coding noob :-o I have only read half of this book, but for me I feel wiser and more prepared! Check it out

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Open for Business!

Last week the production company I worked for unfortunately folded.. As for the fate of the game we were working on, I’m not sure what is gonna happen. So once I find myself I the process of doing the reel -cv – looking for work thing.

So if anyone has any interesting offers or leads do let me know. I’m based in Denmark, but will definitely travel or relocate for the right gig. Freelance is welcome as well of course! I’ll again post once I got my reel together.

Hope everyone is having a nice summer,

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Interstellar Marines!


Today we (The Company I work for) launched our new website:

Here you can check out a lot of stuff about our game, marketing strategy and some developer/behind the scenes stuff. I will probably be posting most of my rigging related stuff in there, for the next period of time.

Take a look at our trailer – All in engine:

On the site there is the first part of a rigging tutorial about setting up arms and shoulder: Setting up the shoulders and arms of the Marine part 1

The tutorial is not the most advanced, but more geeky stuff should follow!

Oh and do show your support and sign up as a member – it’s free :-)

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Blend Skin weights “tool”


So I wanted a blend between two “skinnings” of a characer we are working on for our game. I got so annoyed that Maya did not provide a feature for this, that I mocked up my own piece of code. Make sence of it if you can..

Warning not “production” strength code :-)

import pymel as pm
import copy

class skinMerger:
	def __init__(self, mesh, nrOfVerts=5000):
		"""class for merging meshes
		Usage could look like this:
		#mergeMachine = skinMerger('monster')
		self.mesh = mesh
		self.nrOfVerts = nrOfVerts
		self.src_A_weightList = []
		self.src_B_weightList = []

	def grabA(self):
		"""Grab the first skinning"""
		skinCluster = pm.mel.findRelatedSkinCluster(self.mesh)
		influences = pm.skinCluster(skinCluster, q=True, influence=True)		
		# Get the weights off the source mesh A
		for v_index in range(0, self.nrOfVerts):
		   self.src_A_weightList.append(pm.skinPercent(skinCluster, self.mesh+'.vtx['+str(v_index)+']', q=True, value=True))

	def grabB(self):
		"""Grab the second skinning"""		
		skinCluster = pm.mel.findRelatedSkinCluster(self.mesh)
		influences = pm.skinCluster(skinCluster, q=True, influence=True)		
		# Get the weights off the source mesh A
		for v_index in range(0, self.nrOfVerts):
		   self.src_B_weightList.append(pm.skinPercent(skinCluster, self.mesh+'.vtx['+str(v_index)+']', q=True, value=True))
	def setTarget(self, blendFactor=0.5):
		"""Set the final blended skinning"""
		skinCluster = pm.mel.findRelatedSkinCluster(self.mesh)
		influences = pm.skinCluster(skinCluster, q=True, influence=True)
		# Make the blended target list		
		merged_weightList = copy.deepcopy(self.src_A_weightList)
		for v_index in range(0, self.nrOfVerts):
		   for i_index in range(0, len(influences)):
		       merged_weightList[v_index][i_index] = (self.src_A_weightList[v_index][i_index]*(1-blendFactor)) + (self.src_B_weightList[v_index][i_index]*blendFactor)
		# Set the weights on the target mesh
		for v_index in range(0, self.nrOfVerts):
		   for i_index in range(0, len(influences)):
		       pm.skinPercent( skinCluster , (self.mesh + '.vtx[' + str(v_index) +']') , transformValue=[(influences[i_index], merged_weightList[v_index][i_index])] )
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Skinner for Maya

Check out this plug-in:

It’s based on the auto rigging stuff Pinnichio stuff: /

Basicaly it’s a default bind based on heat dispersion simulation.. Ok, so whay you say? :-) Well, suffice to say you get a much better default bind! Amongst other things the algorithm understands that a mesh has boundaries and does not only take vertex/joint distance into account when creating your default bind. Whee…

I use it all the time now. Only one little issue. The skinning procedure somehow locks the skinCluster nodes, so you can’t delete them with the UI alone. So I made a tiny piece of code for it. The meat is this line: maya.cmds.lockNode(“skinClusterName”, lock=False)

Remove skin with code:

import pymel as pm ## I use pymel, but the code should work fine with maya.cmds as well
def removeSkinning(meshes=''):
"""Remove skinning on meshes. If the "meshes" kwarg is not used, the current selection is used"""

if meshes == '':
    meshes =

for m in meshes:
    skin = pm.mel.findRelatedSkinCluster(m)
if skin:
    pm.lockNode(skin, lock=False)
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OMG I love python…

What I allways disliked about working with functions (procs) in MEL, is that you have to have a certain amount of arguments, specified in the right orden when calling them.
When you make your own functions in Python, you can make them take zero or several arguments, in random order, making them work similar to the way that Maya Mel or Python commands do.. So, something Like this:

import maya.cmds as mc

def MySweepedSphere(radius=5, sections=20):
    mc.sphere(radius=size , sections=divisions , startSweep=180)

MySweepedSphere(1, 30)

I think that’s very nice indeed :-)

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PAIE (Python Animation Import Export)

Just found that Jakob Welner made what seems to be a really nice and solid Python animation/pose import/export tool. It was created for Radar Films “Disco Worms” animation feature and is avaliabe for download at highend. Great work :-)

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Need pointers for Maya Layer based Animation Tool?


If any of you know of a layer based animation tool for maya that rocks and is not Trax, please let me know! I am curently trying out Neoreel’s one and while it’s great (and free), it’s totaly closed and propriataly in terms of distribution and all mel commands are hidden and undocumentets.. So scripting  and interfacing with it will not be easy and I would be at ease basing our production around it. But something simple like that would be great! 


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Animator Tool for zeroing rotations of animation control


Just showing a small morning exercise, that is an animator tool, that lets an Animator “zero out” the rotation of any joint based animation control. This is just a quick prototype, so I still need to set it up for animation transfer tools compatibility etc.


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