Global inverse scale connection sanity check


A small tool that is nice to have if you do not have it somewhere else in you chain of odds and ends. You can place a call to this proc at start of all your auto rig scripts – Like this:

// Check that all joint inverse scales are connected
slkConnectInverseScale ();

Here is the realy simple piece of code:

global proc slkConnectInverseScale() {

// List all the joint the scene
string $joints[] = `ls -type joint`;

// Loop through them and check if they have joint parents
for ($j in $joints)
string $parent[] = `listRelatives -p -type joint $j`;
if ($parent[0] != “”)
// If they have – check that inverse scale is connected
if (!`isConnected -ignoreUnitConversion ($parent[0]+”.scale”) ($j+”.inverseScale”)`)
connectAttr -f ($parent[0]+”.scale”) ($j+”.inverseScale”);

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  1. Very nice, thanks for the post. This one has been happening to me lately and you saved me from typing, always a good thing.


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