Sunes Animations

Hey there! Here is a little cut-together of some of my animations. It starts with the newest (Over a year old) and ends with my first animation ever 🙂
It was fun to revisit some of that old stuff.

Sunes Animations

3 thoughts on “Sunes Animations”

  1. haha fun stuff! Especially liked the Bionicle animations! And cool ink shader after that! But I wanted to see more tech stuff 😀 yeyyyyy.. anyway, liked it! I made new VFX reel recently so if you want you can check it on my site 🙂

  2. Tech stuff… He! Yeah, I should. Right now I’m working on this new education program for a school and I’m out of production. So there might not be too much tech stuff going on at the moment. I do plan to learn python simultaniously though) (Cause 6 month ago I was the maya programing “bad ass” and then suddenly all these people pop up and write in this language and i have no idea!! Or rather, I think it would be super cool to know Python :-))

    Reel looks good bro!

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