Rigging System sandbox

Created a tiddlywiki to have a place to have some process about how to create a rigging system, very much from a code/system development perspective I think – but let’s see where it goes.  It’s really just intended for myself and is not a professional display, so it will be unsensored and full of “late nights in the couch at the laptop” spelling errors and giberish. This blog and that little project might merge at some point though, time will tell..


1 thought on “Rigging System sandbox”

  1. hi Sune, very good wiki. I like the code thoughts. I know what you mean 🙂 both with making wrappers to Maya commands, that are errorless or ignore missing objects (I`ve seen it + used it and don`t like it either). And about procedural rigging practices. My favourites are dictionaries returned from a finished module as I use python. And a class per module (like arm, leg etc.). Procedural rigging really needs good planning to make a code that has long lifetime and someone more experienced with the structures. Also not sure if you use it, but python packages are awesome for function libraries (and procedural rigging modules).

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