Doxygen Rules!

Just startet using “doxygen” to document my code / Character rigging system. And I can tell you, it really rocks 😮

Basicaly it generates html pages, documenting your code, after analysing it. It gives you stuff like:

Function definitions, with arguments and return. Graphs of function dependancys. Searchable. Tags. Supports a wide variaty of languages. Support for custom features and linking to external documantation. Now I haven’t tried other auto doc systems ever, but this one came recomended to me and gives really nice results easily. I’m not so deep into it yet and I still need to comment a lot of my code, but allready it’s really usefull and I can really see where I could have used this in the past. And now someone else can actualy start using my stuff, without reverse engineering all my code…

I will post some pics or a video, when i get further and have the time.

If anyone has questions or better yet, tips or recomdations, please post!

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