UK Living

So I’ve made the Big Plunge and moved over to the UK. I’ve recently started work as a Senior Technical Character Artist at EA, the studio behind the Harry Potter games series. Very exciting stuff.

I have a pretty central position here that’s very character oriented, so that suits me just fine. At this pointย I’m quite looking forward to going full circle on a product, that is pretty sure to get to market, as I’ve my share of projects canceled at the end of pre-production. So all in all I’m a happy camper ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m pretty busy and a bit overwhelmed, being in a new country and all, but hopyfully I will get a chance to post some odds and ends, regardless.



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  1. That’s awesome Sune! Congratulations. I’m sure you’ll see this one to the end. And it sounds like you’re in a place that you can grow and learn. Keep in touch.

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