What is KCT?

I made a short movie explaining some basics about KCT (KMA CHaracter Tools) and the workflow involved. It’s just scratching the surface, but just to give you an idea of some basics, before talking about other things. The menu, scripted rigging and bridging the two (The listener) is covered.

As earlier, it’s in the “casual and not very proffesional or polishedl” style. And ohh.. Sorry about all the blurs in the movies. After making them, it suddenly occured to me that I better take out things that could be “company sensitive information”. So I did, rather than re-doing the whole thing.

What is kct? A.mov

What is kct? B.mov

Please give me your feedback 🙂

5 thoughts on “What is KCT?”

  1. great stuff the listner is most ingenious idea I’ve seen a long time..I really like it.does it run with script job?, anyway geeky but cool 🙂
    Seems liek a great team you have up there,must be cool, hope you have fun.


  2. Thanks matt!

    The listener is just a window with a scrollField. The scrollField has a command attached, that wil call a procedure, that querys the highlighted text, and “evals” that string.

    As to the team, it’s just been me in the rigging department, until the start of this year. Now we got a second rigger, witch is really nice. The whole neardy rigging business can get a little isolated at times and to have another person to bounce with and show stuff to, is really nice!


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