about -linux!

For everyone out there scripting and using the about os flag, think about using “about -linux”, instead of “about -os”.

“about -os” on a linux64 instalation will return “linux64”, where as “about -linux”, will return 1 regardless of linux32/64.. Unless you need your script to descriminate between the two.


is (`about -os` == “linux”), returns 1 on linux 32 but 0 on linux 64


if (`about -linux`) return 1 on both 32/64 bit.

This should be relevant to all that write scripts that are distributed (inhouse of publicaly), since 64 bit versions of linux will be more commenplace, with the never gen. cpu’s (I had a look in all my 3. party scripts and all of those that need to know if you are on linux, will likely fail on a 64 bit install, since they don’t use “about -linux”  approach, as most of my own stuff did not)
🙂 Sune

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