5 thoughts on “Grid deformer + Happy Hollydays.”

  1. Yes I’ve seen that before, nice reel he have.
    I supposed this could be minic with lattice though, although it looks a bit more compliacted than that.
    The hardest part would be to apply that at each frame of your animation (considering the geometry is bake) and keeping track of the change throught the frame so that you could alway take it off anytime you want.
    I know maya 8 has its internal vertex baking solution that can be drive with the animationMixer but I haven’t try it myself, it’s probably a good solution for making the change and being able to mixe it as much as one want with the “no change version”..just some ramdom thoughts.

    waiting for your post.


  2. Hi Matt!

    Thanks fot your comments and a Happy New Year to you too 🙂

    I tried this out with both a wrap deformer setup and a combination of lattices. The thing is that you need to radiate out “rays” from the camera, matching the camera perspective, to get a “true” 2D effect. The whole thing about how to key it and how it will work in practice for animation, I still need to look at.

    You mention baking. For any special reason? You can apply this setup on top of your other deformers.

    Also I can metion that I heaard that this setup was done in xsi and that you can apparently just add a deformer to the world node.. Not easily done in Maya i think..


  3. Yes your right it can be apply on top of any other deformer, I just don’t trust packing up deforemer on top of already rig characters and throw on the animation, but why not.

    So in XSI if you have a root node, you can throw a deformer on top of it and it will propagate to all object under it..mmm.;yes maya doesn’t have that hability, you’ll have to add every piece of geometry to your lattice or Warp..hard stuff.

    waiting for your updated then, this could lead to something very intersting.


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