Rubberhose arm setup test

For the students here at The Animation Workshop, where I’m supervising/teaching right now, I had to make a rubberhose arm setup, that’s easy to setup and animate with. This is my first attempt at one! I might take out the “translate scale” and just scale the joints by the normalised curve length instead.

Apart from the facts that you should not “drink and drive” and that I should really learn to go for a run, and leave the damn mouse pointer alone – Let me know what you think!

rubberHoseArm movie link

(No, I would never drink and drive… Maya yes – A car no!)

1 thought on “Rubberhose arm setup test”

  1. Hey Sune! Didn’t get to say goodbye but I just wanted to say that it’s really cool that you figured out a way to make this rubberhose setup. Thanks 🙂 We’re hoping to finish the body setups for the elephant and rooster before the holiday. See you later..

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