Awesome book for the “Coding TD”

Just wanted to plug an excellent book I’m… Wait! Not even done reading?? That’s right, it’s that good – for me at least.

You know I often feel like I’m “hacking my way” thorugh some of the more computery, code and math related sides to being a character TD, wishing I could dedicate a whole decade to just getting to the bottom of some topic. And I see a lot of people around me “hacking their way” as well. Of course we all have different backgrounds and holes in them too. Alas, so little time so much to learn 🙂

While I have read my share of books on the topic of coding, MEL, Python, Object Oriented Design etc. and those books have taught me a lot, a “certified” coder from my last gig recommended “Code Complete 2”. It’s about the discipline of “Code Construction” and is language independent. This book is om some respects a real eye opener and tells basic stuff you know you really need to understand, but in a way that makes you wonder – “why you didn’t figure that out by yourself already”. Another thing is this if you have several people working on the same code base this book can serve as a common guide or at least common point of reference, to figure out how you want to work.

Of course it might not be your cup of tea.. or I might just have exposed myself as an insane coding noob 😮 I have only read half of this book, but for me I feel wiser and more prepared! Check it out

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