Open for Business!

Last week the production company I worked for unfortunately folded.. As for the fate of the game we were working on, I’m not sure what is gonna happen. So once I find myself I the process of doing the reel -cv – looking for work thing.

So if anyone has any interesting offers or leads do let me know. I’m based in Denmark, but will definitely travel or relocate for the right gig. Freelance is welcome as well of course! I’ll again post once I got my reel together.

Hope everyone is having a nice summer,

2 thoughts on “Open for Business!”

  1. Damn Sune, sorry to hear that. I am sure you will find work quickly. TDs always are needed.

  2. Thanks Brad 🙂 Yeah, I’m sure something interesting will present it self. Should have my reel ready within the next few days, then I’ll start making some noise!

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