Pose space deformations with vector?

Someone told me a while back that you can drive blendShapes for multi axis joints, with some kind of vector setup, that figures out eg. the position of the elbow, relative to the clavicle. Has anybody got some pointers on that?!?

I’ve read the elbow pos in the past by using multiple locators and the distance nodes.


6 thoughts on “Pose space deformations with vector?”

  1. HE Sune, as you already know Michael Comet as made the PSD plugin open source and free to use, this plugin is an absolute treat so no need to bother with complicated setup inside maya seriously.
    But i understand the things that push you to understand how this could work right outta the DG in maya.Maybe taking a look at eric miller (facial setup 1st), as he explain something lke that for the eyes.


  2. Thanks Matt. I had a second look at the pose deformes/reader and it looks like the way to go. Have you tried to use the pose reader to drive other things in setup? If so, how did that work out?

    🙂 Sune

  3. I’ve use it only for corrective blendshape so far, but it has an ouput from 0->1 and you can drive whatever you want with it.It’s a great plug seriously, one of the most usefull I can think of.


  4. usually if i have 3-rotation axis joint i use posereader for driving the corrective blendshape. its really predictable and easy to setup.

  5. Yeah that’s what I thought to do as(s) well! 🙂 I found a script that creates reliable corrective blend targets, modeled in posed state. It’s called “correctiveShape.mel”. Check it out at http://b-ling.com/


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