Very cool IK plugin! Unfortunately only for Windows.. We’re on Linux at work.. It’s made by a guy called Michael Hutchinson. Also have a look at the spring skin solution video. Suddenly I don’t feel so much like a “real” TD anymore.. Upside is that I could try to emulate the behavior of the Elastic solver with setup and maybe add some more wisdom to my trial and error arsenal! 🙂

Elastic IK solver

Thanks to “theMatt” for sharing over at www.jonhandhisdog.com.

2 thoughts on “Elastic”

  1. cool isn’t it…particulary usefull fonction is the replace elbow fonction, that is absolutly terrific as an animator POV.
    Don’t know if you could repalce that with standart node Sune 🙂 I’ve tried before but never manage too.
    Use it people, and send some congrats to Michael, who much deserve it.

  2. That sound about right.. Hadn’t thought it too much through. But some aspects you might mirror in standard node based setup. 🙂

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