Interstellar Marines!


Today we (The Company I work for) launched our new website:

Here you can check out a lot of stuff about our game, marketing strategy and some developer/behind the scenes stuff. I will probably be posting most of my rigging related stuff in there, for the next period of time.

Take a look at our trailer – All in engine:

On the site there is the first part of a rigging tutorial about setting up arms and shoulder: Setting up the shoulders and arms of the Marine part 1

The tutorial is not the most advanced, but more geeky stuff should follow!

Oh and do show your support and sign up as a member – it’s free 🙂

2 thoughts on “Interstellar Marines!”

  1. Nice work Sune, and great rigging tutorial post. I am glad to see more people talking about the importance of modeling/rigging/animation early communication and testing. Those shark-dogs must have been fun to rig up:)

  2. Hi Brad,

    I’m glad that you liked the tutorial. Yeah the shark-dog was fun to do. It was interesting to try and nail something that doesn’t exist and does not have any clear pre conception. We thought about tigers for the legs and once we found some good animation reference to go with the modeling and rigging efforts, thing started working. This is not very showcased in the photo session though, but we have some cycles that I think look awesome. Anyway, everyone calls it a shark-dog.. Let’s not hope that comes from people looking at the legs too much 🙂

    As to the back leg setup, someone at work told me that the setup I came up with, is close to what is in your book! We had it at my old job where I read a lot of it, but not that specific section. I really liked it and especially that it has a focus on deformation and joint placement. Those always seem to be my first concern.

    For anyone else reading, you can find the book here:

    Anyway, thank you for your nice feedback. I’ll post again when parts two and three are on-line.

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