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Skinner for Maya

Check out this plug-in:

It’s based on the auto rigging stuff Pinnichio stuff: /

Basicaly it’s a default bind based on heat dispersion simulation.. Ok, so whay you say? :-) Well, suffice to say you get a much better default bind! Amongst other things the algorithm understands that a mesh has boundaries and does not only take vertex/joint distance into account when creating your default bind. Whee…

I use it all the time now. Only one little issue. The skinning procedure somehow locks the skinCluster nodes, so you can’t delete them with the UI alone. So I made a tiny piece of code for it. The meat is this line: maya.cmds.lockNode(“skinClusterName”, lock=False)

Remove skin with code:

import pymel as pm ## I use pymel, but the code should work fine with maya.cmds as well
def removeSkinning(meshes=''):
"""Remove skinning on meshes. If the "meshes" kwarg is not used, the current selection is used"""

if meshes == '':
    meshes =

for m in meshes:
    skin = pm.mel.findRelatedSkinCluster(m)
if skin:
    pm.lockNode(skin, lock=False)
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