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PAIE (Python Animation Import Export)

Just found that Jakob Welner made what seems to be a really nice and solid Python animation/pose import/export tool. It was created for Radar Films “Disco Worms” animation feature and is avaliabe for download at highend. Great work :-)

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Need pointers for Maya Layer based Animation Tool?


If any of you know of a layer based animation tool for maya that rocks and is not Trax, please let me know! I am curently trying out Neoreel’s one and while it’s great (and free), it’s totaly closed and propriataly in terms of distribution and all mel commands are hidden and undocumentets.. So scripting  and interfacing with it will not be easy and I would be at ease basing our production around it. But something simple like that would be great! 


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Animator Tool for zeroing rotations of animation control


Just showing a small morning exercise, that is an animator tool, that lets an Animator “zero out” the rotation of any joint based animation control. This is just a quick prototype, so I still need to set it up for animation transfer tools compatibility etc.


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