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Doxygen Rules!

Just startet using “doxygen” to document my code / Character rigging system. And I can tell you, it really rocks :-o

Basicaly it generates html pages, documenting your code, after analysing it. It gives you stuff like:

Function definitions, with arguments and return. Graphs of function dependancys. Searchable. Tags. Supports a wide variaty of languages. Support for custom features and linking to external documantation. Now I haven’t tried other auto doc systems ever, but this one came recomended to me and gives really nice results easily. I’m not so deep into it yet and I still need to comment a lot of my code, but allready it’s really usefull and I can really see where I could have used this in the past. And now someone else can actualy start using my stuff, without reverse engineering all my code…

I will post some pics or a video, when i get further and have the time.

If anyone has questions or better yet, tips or recomdations, please post!

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Check out my new Shapebuilder tool

To me this is a workflow powerhouse. Have a look and tell me what you think :-)


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Doing coded stuff by attributes..

Long ago I made a small function that selects all nodes with a specified attribute. Untill recently i have refered to explicit nodenames when doing thing with scripts. Now I started to “tag” nodes in my maya scene with diferent attributes. This happens from my character tools menu, so it’s fast and easy.

I used to go:

// Delete unwanted nodes
delete “root_A” “character” “old_lattice” “Guides” etc.

Now I do:

// Delete unwanted nodes

This way I’m not(!) relying on explicit node names, that have to be typed into the scripts.. And you know that you will get it wrong, they will change, have or don’t have namespaces and so on..

Also I now have the same line of code that I re-use when I create a new char or whatever, so I don’t need to change the code or stick to a specific naming scheme.
I use this for heaps of things, not just deleing nodes :-)


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What is KCT?

I made a short movie explaining some basics about KCT (KMA CHaracter Tools) and the workflow involved. It’s just scratching the surface, but just to give you an idea of some basics, before talking about other things. The menu, scripted rigging and bridging the two (The listener) is covered.

As earlier, it’s in the “casual and not very proffesional or polishedl” style. And ohh.. Sorry about all the blurs in the movies. After making them, it suddenly occured to me that I better take out things that could be “company sensitive information”. So I did, rather than re-doing the whole thing.

What is kct?

What is kct?

Please give me your feedback :-)

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