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about -linux!

For everyone out there scripting and using the about os flag, think about using “about -linux”, instead of “about -os”.

“about -os” on a linux64 instalation will return “linux64″, where as “about -linux”, will return 1 regardless of linux32/64.. Unless you need your script to descriminate between the two.


is (`about -os` == “linux”), returns 1 on linux 32 but 0 on linux 64


if (`about -linux`) return 1 on both 32/64 bit.

This should be relevant to all that write scripts that are distributed (inhouse of publicaly), since 64 bit versions of linux will be more commenplace, with the never gen. cpu’s (I had a look in all my 3. party scripts and all of those that need to know if you are on linux, will likely fail on a 64 bit install, since they don’t use “about -linux”  approach, as most of my own stuff did not)
:-) Sune

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You can’t touch this!

Sorry about the lack of updats! Quite busy at work and packing up my things and moving..
So, yesterday I made a few nice scripts. I have a global variable and if its 1, you can only select the DAG nodes that have a special attribute == “animatorSelectable” :-) This global variable can be set to 1 in animators userSetup. But can be turned on/off in the animators menu.
So, now I don’t have to worry too much about cleanness of hierarchy or locking stuff. I don’t use a seperate hierarchy for controls, so allthough I allready use custom pickwalking, this should be a VERY nice safety. I might set things up so that userSetup also turns of “key hierarchy” in the set key options… That one could get me in real trouble!

We are soon moving into production of “Hungry Hamsters”, so things are starting to be a diferent ballgame. When I started at the company we were about 10 people, soon we will be 20+ on the animator side alone. So, minimising support calls and covering places things can go wrong, seems to be extra important now.
I have to mention that Mikkel Jans (The guy that did the mjPolyTools, and is now working for us), made the scriptJob that runs and makes sure that “bad” DAG noges, get de-selected.. On my briliant request of course ;-) (Let’s see – this might turn out to be the worst idea of the century… Some of my ideas tend to do)
As allways, any comments, input or questions are most welcome!

Hope to see ya’ soon

:-) Sune

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