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Force DG evaluation update!

Thes method should be easier than what was stated below :-)
“doEnableNodeItems false all; doEnableNodeItems true all;”

tried the dgDirty -a, but it yeilded unexpected results!

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KMA needs people!

We are going into pre-production and then production of Hungry Hamsters, so wee need people. Mostly animators, but also people in other departments. If you are interested, have a look at KMA’s homepage, where you can see the Hungry Hamsters teaser (the series will be quite different). The production is in lovely Copenhagen, Denmark. Please send reel and application asap.

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Our companys project/asset/render management system.

Have a look at:

There is also asset mannagement functionality, that is not documented here.

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New work blog

I setup a new blog, together with a good friend of mine, who is an exelent rigger and overall 3d guru. This will be for all the work related stuff that I can’t show in this blog or open forums, so unfortunately it’s for our eyes only at this point. But hopefully the combined projects, feedback and experience gained there, will lend it self to more stuff to share here at the open blog!

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Multi level skinning

I just wanted to share, for any of the users who does not know this, that you can have multiple skinClusters on a “single” mesh. Doing a normal skinning, maya takes the .outmesh of your mesh’s shapeNode and feeds it into the skinCluster node. Then makes a copy of the shapeNode and feeds the result of the skinning into the new shapeNodes .inMesh. Then intermediateObject is turned on, on the original shapeNode, thus only the deformed shape is displayed. If you turn intermediateObject on for the deformed shape and off for the original, you will be able to skin that, and have that skinning evaluate before the skinCluster created first..

That way you can have multiple layers of skinning. As many as you want. This takes a little bit of planning and you have to know what you are doing, especialy to avoid double transformations. However when combined with the bindPreMatrix trick discussed in an earlier topic, you can achieve having more than a combined value of 1, on any given vertex/cv., but without double transformation. This is great for areas where you have weight fighting. Say, that you want two influences to affect an area of the mesh drasticaly, but can’t due to normalization/double transformations, this could help you out. But beware of the deformation order, especialy if you character scales.

You could also do this by skinning two diferent meshes and then assigning one as a blendShape to the other or by connecting the .outmesh of one skinned mesh, into the shapeNode of the other, the one that’s before the skinCluster node.

Thanks to Kustaa for first putting me onto this. I hope it’s ok that I share! (Gotta keep the blog going..)

I have lots of exiting stuff going on, that I wan’t to write about, I’m just really really busy right now. Some of it also need to tested out a bit beforehand.



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