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Grid deformer + Happy Hollydays.

Check out this link!

I did some tests in Maya, and got the same functionality. I’ll post some more when I’m further along.

And Happy hollydays to you all! (Try not to work too much.. :-

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Color coding controls

Just wanted to share that I stopped using layers or drawing overrides for color coding controls some time back, since it’s a hasstle with scene layer clutter and “hierachy stuff”.
Instead I use the mel command “color”. So you can go “color -ud (userDefined) 1-8″. Eg: “color -ud 4;”

However you might not like Mayas default user colors. You can set those manualy. I made a scriptJob that travels with my rigs, that sets them to my liking. This might not work for you, but works well in a closed production environment like ours. I also have a procedure that disconnects nodes from layer assotiations and turns off drawing overrides for a whole rig hierarchy.

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Rubberhose arm setup test

For the students here at The Animation Workshop, where I’m supervising/teaching right now, I had to make a rubberhose arm setup, that’s easy to setup and animate with. This is my first attempt at one! I might take out the “translate scale” and just scale the joints by the normalised curve length instead.

Apart from the facts that you should not “drink and drive” and that I should really learn to go for a run, and leave the damn mouse pointer alone – Let me know what you think!

rubberHoseArm movie link

(No, I would never drink and drive… Maya yes – A car no!)

Sunday, December 10th, 2006 Main 1 Comment

Forcing DG evaluation!!

Just got a mail from a collague, that me reminded me of an old workaround I wanted to share. I’ve had my share of rigs not updating/evaluating propperly.Espeacily with referencing and Maya 7.01 on Linux!! (Yeah Alias, that release really sucked). And when your rigs suddenly stop evaluating, for no apparant reason, and you can’t fix it, your standing with animators and render people drop considerably. :-)

I found a really stupid but effective fix though. I put it in all my rigs now.

I simply made a script that makes a scriptJob, that will list all unitConversion nodes in the scene, turn them off and then on again. This scriptJob is triggered on scene open (when a rig is referenced in for example). It’s also makes a custom attribute on both my rigs top node and on the scriptJob node itself. These are connected together. This way the scriptJob will tag along, whenever the the rig is exported out of a scene for instance.

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