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Pose space deformations with vector?

Someone told me a while back that you can drive blendShapes for multi axis joints, with some kind of vector setup, that figures out eg. the position of the elbow, relative to the clavicle. Has anybody got some pointers on that?!?

I’ve read the elbow pos in the past by using multiple locators and the distance nodes.


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Very cool IK plugin! Unfortunately only for Windows.. We’re on Linux at work.. It’s made by a guy called Michael Hutchinson. Also have a look at the spring skin solution video. Suddenly I don’t feel so much like a “real” TD anymore.. Upside is that I could try to emulate the behavior of the Elastic solver with setup and maybe add some more wisdom to my trial and error arsenal! :-)

Elastic IK solver

Thanks to “theMatt” for sharing over at

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A look at the bindPreMatrix

The other day I looked for a way to control the pivot at a skinClusters influence(s), using a transform. This is what I came up with.

Please to make click! You see my movie file..


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Just back from Bristol UK.

Had a good time. A co-worker with some connections in the stop mo scene, set me up with a friend that would get me into Aardman. Great, I love stop motion! As things turned out, I ended being taken in by someone who did not have a clue who I was and what I was doing there. But he was allright and gave me a short tour. Unfortunately I did not get to see the model(!) or cg department, with I would have liked. I was in and out in about 8 minutes.. Did get to see a set in production and talk breifly to the animator, witch was sweet. Off course I can not tell you what they were working on, but personaly I’m looking mucho forward to it. Thanks to everyone who put an effert into getting me inside!

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