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Mr. Teacher

Today I was hired to do rigging supervision for the KAU student at The Animation Workshop for those of them that do their final films in 3D. Basicaly I have to team up with them, look at their designs, skills and ambitions and find out how to point them in the right direction and what I need to go through with them, for 1-2 weeks of teaching. After that there will be some phone/mail support, while they put the stuff on their characters. This is super exiting! I love teaching and the student are usualy really high level animators and have great ideas.

The Animation Workshop

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Fan joint tutorial

Yesterday I made some tutorial videos.. My first! I didn’t want to spend a lot of time and make it super pro, so don’t expect too much.
With rigging training in general, I’ve found that deformation is often not given enough attention, as opposed to hardcore tech control setups. After all, deformation IS what you seen on screen. Luckily, this is seems to be changing.

Check them out:

1. fanJoint_intro
2. fanJoint_setup

I dig the amount of sounds, funny pauses and stuttering, when I’m trying to speak english :-)

Let me know if you find it dig it, hate it, have questions or other/better ideas!

(Some people had problems playing video 2 in Linux. It was incoded with flash 8. Now it’s flash 7. Please let me know if something does not work out for you!)

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Hungry Hamsters

Hungry Hamsters
Check out my companys new pilot. I did most of the rigging. It’s for a proposed tv-series called “Hungry Hamsters”. Amongst other voice actors, it will feature the voice of Alice Cooper.. That’s right – The Princ of Darkness! How cool is that?!

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My name is Sune Kempf and I’m a 3D character rigger and animator from Denmark.

This blog will focus on my work, thoughts and development – doing rigging, scripting and animation in Maya. My hope is to share my ideas with people interested and hopefully get some feedback. Also expressing my process might help me structure and see new dimensions in my development.

I plan to make some of my scripts and some tutorials available.

Fell free to make comments or inqueries!

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